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Welcome to Mithiyaj

Mithi signifies Sweetness and Yaj symbolizes Royalness. And with the amalgamation of these two qualities we came into existence. Our passion is to serve people with the finest and premium quality desserts without burning a hole in their pockets. We know that we all deserve finer things in life and what can be more delightful than finest quality Cakes, Pastries, Indian Sweets, Baklavas, Gift Hampers and much more.

Mithiyaj is an artistry house specializing in signature and custom delights. Our proficient Chefs promises to bring your most loved items to life in form of elegant cakes and desserts. Our dessert menu keeps on evolving with the current trend. We can say that our cakes are not just edible delights but a work of art. We aim to deliver best level of service are all times.




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Explore Mithiyaj Cake Shop's Divine Cookie Collection

TimingPosted on Thu Dec 07 2023 05:37:33 GMT+0000 (GMT)

Nestled in the bustling neighborhoods of Byculla and Kurla, Mithiyaj Cake Shop stands as a beacon for sweet enthusiasts seeking a slice of paradise. While Mithiyaj is celebrated for its exquisite cakes, today, our journey takes us through a heavenly assortment of cookies that showcase the pinnacle of baking artistry. .

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